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The Forgotten Soul Empty The Forgotten Soul

Post by Guest on November 25th 2009, 6:39 pm

John looked left toward the Forgotten Soul, knowing he'd been cornered.

"You don' understand, do you?"

do you mean I don't understand? I understand perfectly! I can't just
let you continue killing people, D***it! I can't!" The Forgotten Soul
exclaimed, still pointing his gun at John.

"It's not that simple, Forgotten."

do you mean it's not simple?!" demanded the Forgotten Soul. "You had a
choice when you killed those people! You had a choice when you left!
Now I'm left with no choice but to."

"Let me speak," requested John. "Lower your gun."

"What? So you can shoot me? I think not!"

"Forgotten, just give him a chance," replied Stephen.

"I just told him no! You really think I'll let him get off that easily? He killed dozens on the previous attack."

"Give him at least one chance, Forgotten." Stephen said again.

"You don't have to lower your gun, Forgotten," John decided. "Just let me talk."

"Tell me," the Forgotten Soul growled. "But it'd best be good."

"The Creatures," John began. "You don't know what they've done to us. I can't hide it anymore. If you'd only seen..."

"Seen what?"

they do to prisoners. They...they cut people up like sausages from the
foot up while they're strapped down by tight bands on beds of rocks,
slowly, thin pieces of flesh at a time and then they feed the
prisoner's cut remains to their damned 'pets'! A single person's body
could last for days, and the worst part is the fact they leave the
person alive all this time! No person, not even you could stand being
in such surroundings for long! It'd drive anyone insane, including your

The Forgotten Soul lowered his gun. "Why'd you join them then?"

"The Creature corpses emit a sort of gas that many have a weakness to after being exposed to it for extended periods of time."

"What does this gas do?" Forgotten Soul asked.

it clogs certain paths in the brain that affect thinking. The longer
you're exposed to it, the more you lose yourself. You begin thinking in
reverse and began to think your enemy is your friend and vice-versa.
...Sometimes there are points where you regain yourself but those don't
last long. You'll be lucky if I don't lose myself again in your

"Why wasn't I affected?"

"I don't know, Forgotten! I don't know! It must be something with your kind."

am I to do with you?" The Forgotten Soul asked. "If I return you,
they'll jail you for the rest of your life and you're bound to lose
your life in prison or suffer the rest of your days."

"But if
you return me to the Creatures, they'll give me a life of torture as
well, only it will be even worse. I don't want to have that fate! I

"I must kill you then," the Forgotten Soul replied. "I
won't stand to see you waste the rest of your life in jail and neither
will I allow you to be tortured by the Creatures."

"Fine," said
John, dropping the weapons on his back on the floor. "Kill me; I'd
rather die now than spend the rest of my days worrying about what I
have left. Please, do it."

The Forgotten Soul raised his gun and aimed it at John's head.

"Wait! Stop!"

Forgotten Soul lowered his gun and turned around. Lilly stood there,
scraggy hair and scratches over her face and was pointing her gun
straight at the Forgotten Soul.

"I won't let you kill him!" she exclaimed, the gun shaking violently in her grasp.

"Lilly, please," said the Forgotten Soul calmly. "You don't have to do this."

"I won't let you! I won't! I won't! I WON'T!!"

Forgotten Soul jumped out of the way and the blast from Lilly's gun hit
the wall at the end of the hall. The wall absorbed the bullet like it
never existed. Then, the Forgotten Soul reacted by jumping at Lilly and
knocking the weapon out of her grasp, causing it to drop onto the floor.

"No! John! Don't let him! He needs to be stopped!"

"No, Lilly," said John calmly. "I have to."

"John!" Lilly's voiced echoed down the halls and seemed to repeat forever.

"Do it, Forgotten. Now."

The Forgotten Soul reluctantly pulled his gun back out and aimed it at John.

don't want to kill you," said the Forgotten Soul, sweat forming on his
dark forehead. "I'll live the rest of my life hating myself, but to
leave you to suffer... I must be merciless..."

"No!!" screamed Lilly.

Forgotten Soul pulled the trigger and watched as his former friend
dropped to the floor lifelessly, the look on his face too calm to leave
one's mind at peace.

Lilly began to run but was quickly
intercepted by the Forgotten Soul. He grabbed her arms and held them
behind her back and reached for his pistol. Stephen wouldn't dare try
to stop his boss.

"Lilly, see this as a favor from me." He
reached for his gun one last time and fired a dark orange blast from it
that was aimed at her head. She calmly dropped on the ground and laid
there without movement.

"Forgotten!" Stephen exclaimed. "You didn't have to... Why'd you kill her as well?"

The Forgotten Soul sighed. "Feel for her pulse."


"Just do it," he was calm.

Stephen reached down and reached for her wrist.

"There's a pulse?" he was confused. "What'd you do to her?"

"She has no memory."

"No memory?"

"None whatsoever. She won't even remember her children, or anything that happened today."

"Not even her kids?"

Forgotten Soul reached into one of his side pockets and pulled out a
piece of paper that seem to have been forgotten. It was torn in places
and water stains were visible all over it. He showed the paper to
Stephen. Lilly's kids had been killed months earlier in the war.

Stephen said nothing afterwards.

forty-two centuries old," said the Forgotten Soul. "I still have much
of a life ahead of me for what I am. Lilly and John are much better off
than me. They won't have to live with memories of having lost loved
ones. But me, Stephen... you don't know what it's like having lost your
parents and having your brother commit suicide. You don't. That's where
they're lucky. They don't have to live the rest of their lives living
and suffering on their memories. I'm stuck with mine for the rest of my
life, but I chose to live so, for it is the only reason why I
continue... I urge for the day the Creatures are wiped from existence.

I'm not glad they're dead," the Forgotten Soul said in conclusion, "the
anger their deaths erupts within me is my driving force. They were the
reason why I lived and the reason why I'm still here..."

The Forgotten soul turned toward the end of the hallway.

"Return to camp with Lilly," he said. "I've a few things to attend to..."

Stephen watched as the Forgotten Soul walked down the hallway and disappeared.

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The Forgotten Soul Empty Re: The Forgotten Soul

Post by ••Belighaslarn•• on December 6th 2009, 1:07 am

Thats so good! I think you should write more.
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The Forgotten Soul Empty Re: The Forgotten Soul

Post by hollows_sound on December 6th 2009, 2:12 am

amazing what. This storyline is very good, you could wright an entire book of you wanted to

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The Forgotten Soul Empty Re: The Forgotten Soul

Post by Guest on December 6th 2009, 10:39 am

Yeah I agree that was brilliant. Keep them coming!

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Post by Twilight on December 12th 2009, 12:47 am

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The Forgotten Soul Empty Re: The Forgotten Soul

Post by millie12378956 on December 23rd 2009, 9:32 pm

It's good but can you not use curse words, please. There are some littler kids on this website.
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The Forgotten Soul Empty Re: The Forgotten Soul

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