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Post by Guest on November 25th 2009, 6:39 pm

Jreksiveri’i walked out of the teleport and
approached Pevirike. She sat at a table sitting around impatiently,
while Feefi spoke with another woman.

“Good morning, everyone,” Jreksiveri'i announced.
morning, Pordenta!” exclaimed the second woman, pecking him on the
face. Pevirike looked around the room ignorantly in the meantime. She
was disgusted, but made sure no one saw the angry look in her face.
“You get more and more beautiful every time I see you again,” Jreksiveri'i complimented the woman.
thank you!” she blushed. She wore a long dress, had long black hair, a
large smile, strange, distant-looking eyes, and was the shortest person
in the group, reaching only to Jreksiveri'i's shoulder. “How are you
today, Jreksiveri’i?”
“I’ve been fine, Veriola,” Jreksiveri’i replied. “How about you?”
“Great! Except…”
Her face turned serious immediately.

Birtuqi Javera and other nearby ships have recently announced that
they’ve seen a strange light cluster through laser radar in the
direction of the sun. They didn’t know what it was – All they can say
about these lights is that they seem to get closer and closer every
passing day.”
“Well you are the messenger,” said Jreksiveri'i. “What
else did they say about that? And is there anything else you have to
tell me, Veriola?”
“Commander Beelu JZ of the Birtuqi Javera
mentioned that at the current rate, this or these objects won’t pass by
Earth for several years.”
“How long do they think it’ll take?” Jreksiveri'i asked.
“No less than three years,” Veriola replied. “With my current
knowledge, I can presume that it’s a ship or maybe fleet of ships
somewhere out there – maybe Zenarian or something else. Maybe a lot
object in space… The Birtuqi Javera’s been monitoring this light’s
patterns for about a week now. Beelu himself believes it’s heading our
direction, but not in a straight path – It seems to swivel a lot as it
moves. Beelu doesn’t believe that it’ll ever reach us because their,
its path is bound to change at one point or another. But in case of
anything, Beelu has asked for supplies to be shipped to the fleet. He’s
expecting an H-mail from you sometime soon.”

“Is that all?” Jreksiveri'i wondered.
“That’s all with the lights in space,” Veriola replied. “But I have more news regarding light sightings.”
“Tell us about it.”
“There have been reports of flashing lights emitting from the
rainforests of central Africa,” said Veriola. “At first I was told that
it was probably not anything of interest, because the frequency at
which these lights flashed was low to non-existent… Now, however, Beelu
has told me that the frequency at which these lights have flashed has
dramatically increased from three or so light sighting a year to light
sighting nearly every week. Beelu and his subordinates don’t know what
could’ve done this change in frequency… Nor do they know why there are
two lights in two different places glowing or why the lights in space
seem to be heading in the exact direction of these lights in Africa.
They thought you should know before anything actually happened.”

“And here you are warning us,” Feefi commented.
“…And what should we do about these lights in Africa,” Jreksiveri'i
asked. “Should I send a squad of ships there to investigate, provided
we have permission from the country these light are in?
Beelu doesn’t think you should do anything with the lights in Africa
yet,” Veriola replied. “They’d like to get more info about it before
anything’s done. Beelu told me that both lights in space are both two
shades of blue – one is lighter and the other darker. The African light
is the lighter and the other one spotted far off into space is the
darker. It’s just, if these two lights are related in some way, it
could be part of a communication sent between both… They blink at about
the same time… But that’s not even as closely mysterious as the third
one of the sightings.”
“What’s that?”

“Beelu has also said
that a third blue light had been spotted near a planet ten-thousand
light-years away. The Birtuqi Javera’s telescopes reveal this light was
actually a nearby explosion, or maybe even bombardment of the planet.
What’s strange is, computer reading say the light had only a single
second to travel that distance – Light’s not supposed to travel this
“Wormholes, maybe?” Feefi wondered.
“That would be the
only explanation that I have,” Veriola replied. “Unless it has some
sort of assistance, the light could’ve only occurred thousands of years
ago. But like I said, the readings say that it was discovered a second
after it had glowed by this planet – And the same is true with the
lights beyond the sun… One second…”

“Do you think that the
first two lights blinking in the same relative directions mean
something?” Jreksiveri'i asked. “And that this third light might’ve
been the result of a foreign war?”
“What do you mean?” Veriola wondered, unsure of exactly what the Pordenta asked.
“I mean that there’s got to be a reason these lights are flashing, one
after the other. If they flash at the same time, maybe there’s more
than communication… Maybe it’s a search going on in space…”
“What about the third light by that planet?” asked Pevirike.
“I have no idea,” Veriola replied. “But if a planet blows up or something, that’s not exactly a good thing…”
“You really that Beelu said there’s something out in space heading our
direction?” Pevirike queried, growing more and more nervous.

not a liar, Pevirike,” said Veriola. “I wouldn’t know how he would’ve
gotten position as the Commander of the Birtuqi Javera otherwise…
However, if these lights are flashing at the same time at different
ends of the universe, it’s got to be more than just a mere coincidence.
If there are other beings out there looking for something on our
planet, it’s possible that they could be violent, if they want it quite
“But what do you think it is?” asked Pevirike.

knows what!” Veriola exclaimed. “It could be that one Object myth
everyone’s been talking about for twenty years! It’s an older rumor
than Olvusulthia itself!”
“The Object?” Pevirike raised an eyebrow.
“That’s not possible. The Object’s just a myth. A legend that no one
could create in real life. Whoever made that myth up must’ve intended
to scare people! There are lots of people out there who…”
“Calm down, Pevirike,” Jreksiveri'i said. “There’s no need to get out of control about it. We know it isn’t real.”
“That’s for sure,” Veriola added. “…Well guys, I must go now. I’ve got
reception to attend to and papers to write. See you later.”

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Post by Amber on November 25th 2009, 6:40 pm

It's GREAT so far! Write more soon!

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I like it...

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Post by Twilight on December 12th 2009, 12:48 am

Nice Job!
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