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Forum content (for dummies)

Post by Amber on January 18th 2010, 3:50 pm

This is a simple guide and thoughts on how to get forum posts and content before you open your forum. It’s really nothing elite or big and fancy, pretty bare-basic, but regardless, enjoy
How to get posts completely by yourself:
Make 5 or so topics yourself. Make 5 or more topics in each forum before you even do anything else is what I always suggest. Why? Because it makes you look dedicated (even if you’re not), and plainly is the easiest way to get some active members, because members won’t join when they’re the only one posting, and there”s nothing else in that specific forum. Make sure the topics you make arn’t “what’s your favorite color” topics (ie.), because a forumer could go to virtually any forum and find a topic like that, nay go out of your way to make topics like on a specific movie giving your thoughts, and a review/rating….make a topic on a pop artist…heck, ask what bug scares them most or even write a guide on something you’re good at! Just be creative and original. This is your website, your corner of the internet, don’t fill it up with same old -same old crap
Make a double account.
Some people feel this is a dirty, dishonest way, but it can seriously help. Make a thread asking for opinions, then reply with one opinion on one account and a different opinion on another. It will spark some clean debate, and possibly make others want to contribute. You can ditch this when your forum becomes more active (or you quit your forum). The problem with this is, what if a real member befriends this fake member? Then you have to continue it, and if they find out it’s a fake they could lose trust in your community and leave. So, be careful with this one.
Promotion forums :
With the recent uproar of promotion forums, you should not have a problem finding some to make 10 or so posts on. Make the required amount of posts and topics to request the highest package you can. While you wait to get a package, or are making posts/topics do some exchanges for posts and topics with other members. You can even post in the ‘general chat threads’ if they have one to interact with other members and make Efriends. Then they may come to your forum simply because they are your friend, like you, and want to help you out with your forum. Back to post exchanges and posting packages, yes, you’re not getting active members from this but you are getting some posts (not all high quality, depending on who you exchange with, who does your package, ect.) to fill up the forums. Not all of it is quality, and people say ‘quality over quantity’ but seriously, if a forum had one great article for 20 forums and never any more would you join? no. Besides, after you get some of the forums filled up you can add content, or your fake account can (if you made on). Then that may encourage other people to. Back to promotion forums (xD) after you request a package if you have enough cash (or have the time to make a few more posts to generate the forum cash) then requesting a review to see what you can improve on can benefit your forum as well.
invite your friends:

A lot of people miss this step, but in most cases it works best. Why? Because they’re your friends, typically have the same interests which may contribute to your forum, and respect you and the rules already. You can almost guarantee they will stay active because well, they’re your friends and friends help each other out.
buying posts:
Buying forum posts can be great, they go for about 2/3 US cents if being sold on promotion forums (ie., but can go for typically up to 5 US cents from professional forum posters. You get guaranteed quality, non spam posts from them. You get what you pay for, and you’re paying real dough so expect some good quality. If you’re to lazy don’t want to do any of the steps above I suggest getting minimum 100 posts from a seller.
Side notes: Yes, spelling, punctuation and junk may effect on regular members visiting your site. If I was at a webmastering forum for example and saw the forum rules frequently misspelling, using poor grammar, and no punctuation, chance are I will not visit there again. This has nothing to do with starting content, but I felt it was important to add anyway. Another thing that may help you starting up your forum is getting a good TLD. It makes you look like you’re going to stick with it, are dedicated, and just gives it a better look when you do start advertising
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