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Clan Wars: Story of Iksha Empty Clan Wars: Story of Iksha

Post by Shole on June 4th 2010, 8:59 am

Clan Wars:The Story Of Iksha

The story of the Orc's is one that they alone could have lived through.
Even though they were the same race, they came from the same place,
they still were separated in clans which fight for the power. In the
far woods of Ashenvale the Zabijan Woods two clans were fighting for
glory and power.

The Clans Raa'KtnoK and Se'ghor had allieded or conquered all other
clans in that region.
The Zabijan Woods were the final boarder between the territories of
those two powerful clans.
Clan Raa'Ktnok was leaded by the same named warlock Raa'Ktnok. The
Raa'KtnoK clan was based on brutality and strength. The Se'ghor clan
was a more delicate clan and their ultimate goal was to unite all other
clans without fighting. Clan Se'ghor was a well prepared clan with a
battle tactic for almost every situation. The two clans had fought ever
since for the power over the Orcs in Ashenvale. Clan Se'ghor had been
in possession and still was of the Blood Axe of Chaos , powerful axe
that had been passed through generations to the male members of the
Se'ghor family.

But this time there were no male heir to pass the axe. The only heir
was a female orc named Iksha . Iksha had been training her whole life
to fight for the clan not to rule it. As a female she couldn't take the
axe and rule the clan she should fight.
She was determined to finish the war as there were to many blood losses
on both sides.

One night as she got back from training her father was on his mount and
ready to go into the battle. "Father were are you going? You are not
allowed to go into the battle!Who will lead the Clanif you die?" asked
Iksha. "The axe is in the chest if i wont come back hahaha, you will
lead the clan. I don't care what a oracle once told to our shamans, you
have proven yourself as a
good warrior and i believe in you. And do not be worry i will be back.
Lok'tar ogar(Victory or Death)!" was the answer of the great leader of
the clan. As he was leaving Iksha was standing shocked and thinking
"What?I?No he will return. I know my father. He will win the battle and
finally end the war uniting all the clans and stopping this madness.
But....what if he doesn't return?What if i need to be the Clan
Leader?I..." she was interrupted by Mothrun her friend and helper who
was there from her birth "Child what are you doing still outside? It is
getting cold" Iksha responded "I am worried... what if.." Mothrun
interrupted her again "Get some rest and stop worrying it will all be
all right, I am sure your father wouldn't go if he knew he would lose
the battle. Now common in and get some sleep"

After a sleepless night, in the morning the sound of the se'ghor horn
had woken up the whole camp. Iksha looking through the window. She saw
something weird. Her father wasn't leading the army of the hundred
warriors and she couldn't recognize any of the orcs that entered in to
the camp. She took the Blood Axe of Chaos from the box. As she had
token the axe
the big heavy axe become smaller and smaller so small that she could
easy put it in her pocket without anyone noticing. Mothrun rushed in
"Don't get out, please stay here. I think you are in danger." Iksha was
shocked "What...who are thous grunts? I cannot seem to find a familiar
face! And where is my father?" A silence of some minutes started in the
small hut. Mothrun was filing the same as Iksha that something is wrong.

Out of nowhere another horn had been heard. It was a horn of the Wolf
Rider Thurg
"Kagh!Kagh!(Run,Run)" That was the army of the Clan Raa'KtnoK , riding
the wolf directly to the hut of Iksha and Mothrun. "We need to get out
of here!Or we all gonna die" Thurg grabed Iksha and Mothrun and helped
them to get up on the wolf. They then rode out of the camp in the
forest. "Where is my Father?" Ikasha asked. "Your father is badly
wounded and had been transported to Zoram'gar" Thurg barely breathing
"Will he survive ? Answer me NOW!" Iksha replied furious about what
happened "I don't know! My mission was to escort you" Thurg responded
"What? How could you not know...." Mothrun " Iksha! He saved our lives
you should thank him not yell at him"
"But...but ah... we need to go to Zoram'gar to see if my father is
safe" Iksha started to calm down "Shhhhh... i think someone followed
us. Don't move" as they hid in the bushes Thurg sent his wolf to run
forward. In that moment two orcs rushed towards the wolf. Iksha got
angry again "Now its the time to use the Blood Axe of Chaos" she
thought. She quickly got the axe out and as quickly the axe got back to
its normal size. She jumped on to one of the orcs, cut him in half and
other orc was killed by Thurg's "Blacksteal Blade" . "How did you do
that ?" at the same time Mothrun and Thurg asked Iksha "I didn't do
anything! The axe did all itself" "You got better since we last had our
practice duel" Thurg added.
"Well its no time for compliments on my fighting skills , we have to
reach Zoram'gar to see if my father is safe" Iksha blushed even thought
by orcs you almost cant see it because of the color of their skin, but
this time was intense. They got ready and started riding to the nearest
camp of the clan, to the camp Mor'shan .
As they approached Iksha's old friend and her father couldn't believe
that she finally came to visit him.

"Iksha it had been a long since i saw you the last time . Eh, look at
you! You became an Om'riggor(Adult in orchish)."
"I am glad to see you Burwh'at..." Iksha responded in a sad way "I know
why are your sad, I have heard the news, the clan is weakening. We need
to start striking back harder"
Iksha "I don't understand them! Why they want war? Those warlock thinks
he cannot be beaten but as soon as my father recovers we will crush
him! But for now we need a favor. We need a place to sleep, some food
and to make supplies for our journey" "Everything for you Iksha" .
After they had been invited to sleep at Burwh'at house and they ate the
meal prepared by his wife, they stayed over the night. In the morning
Iksha woke up Mothrun and Thurg, they packed and leaved leaving a note
and some gold on the table.

They left on their own mounts, Iksha with an Kobo, Mothrun a raptor,
and Thurg with his wolf. They got to Zoram'gar in a few hours. They
bearly made a pause.
They arrived at the Camp of shamans. There two doctors and one shaman
threated her father. " made it! i can
rest...ahh..." The shaman cast a spell and the witch doctors gave him a
potion that kept him alive "You now have to...ghuuuuu...lead the
clan....i am to weak... Assemble the army and march to our boarders, if
you have the axe that will protect you...ahh.. i wish i had spent more
time with you..." Ikasha interrupts with him tears in her eyes "You
will father you will survive and help me to win"

"I will always be with you my child same as the rest of our ancestors
that have use the axe, their soul is after their death transformed into
energy for the axe that makes it makes it so powerful.
child...i will always be near you aghghhh..." that were the last words
of Racen Se'ghor "Father no..." Iksha started crying, Mothrun " Iksha
you need to be strong, you are now the clan leader....You have to be
strong to unite us so there wont be any blood baths." Ikasha" Snif...I
will revenge my fathers death! Raa'Ktnok I course you for all times and
i will hunt you until i will kill you. Lok'tar ogar(Vitory or Death)" .
They remained in the camp for a couple of days. Iksha had sent an
letter to each army leader she knew personally and to each from the
list that she got from the witch doctors who threated her father.

In 7 Days the biggest army possible to assemble for the clan had been
As the army had got assembled Iksha stode on a big rock and started to
"Fellow orcs , Honorred warriors of the clan, Our great leaderRacen
Se'ghor died and has chose me as the new leader!"
"But that's unpossible! A male had been always a clan leader" said
Har'Gham the leader of the tar orcs from the north.
"How can you be the clan leader? Where is the Blood Axe of Chaos?" asked
Narand the leader of the south orc army Lok'waz
"I do not care if you are a women or men I just want you to lead us to
victory" said Hag'Losh te leader of the west Amon'nathal army.
"I agree with Hag'losh. We need a leader who will bring us victory no
matter what" said Drog Tearshorn the leader of the East Tearshorn army.
"SILENCE !Yours new leader is speaking" Thurg interrupted the
"I will lead you to victory. Here is the Blood Axe of Chaos" She pulled
out the axe"By the name of my ancestors and my father I will bring you
victory Lok'tar(Victory)!Lok'tar Lok'tar Lok'tar"
"Lok'tar" Everyone screamed ...After that the leaders came up with a
plan on how to end this War.

After 2 days the plan had been finished to perfection and should be
carried out.
The first thing to do was to distract the enemy. Hag'losh had
voluntired to attack a base camp of the Raa'KtnoK clan near the Zabijan
Woods. In the maintain the enemy sent reinforcements from the nearest
camp which was the main camp Bazv'ok . Hag'losh was known for his
ability to command small groups of wolf riders precise onto the most
vulnerable targets of a camp or a city. The attack should destroy the
main watch towers and in the same time the gates but only should damage
half of the camp warriors so some of them can go for reinforcements.
In the maintain the other forces would assemble in front of the Zabijan
Woods where they would wait for a messenger.

Some scouts would be posted in the woods in case of discovering the
Clan Se'aghor forces in front of it. After a day resting and preparing
for the battle, Iksha gave the command to begin the war.
"Was it the right decision?" Iksha was thinking "Or will we all lose
because of me? No i cant let that happen, and i never will. Its..yes
the messenger "
"They have fallen in our trap attack now" messenger.
Iksha screamed the command "Attack !" On her right side were
Thurg,Narand and on her left Drog Tearshorn, Har'Gham. In the main camp
Alvanar the orcs were surprised. Even Raa'KtnoK was surprised to see
such a big army.

"Its impossible! I killed their leader....How could this happen?? Call
the reinforcements back now" Raa'KtnoK saidto his soon Greenwall who
was his right hand. As Greenwall rushed to get reinforcements Clan
Se'aghor was getting the upper hand over the battle. Iksha was slashing
through the enemy, determined to revenge her father. She got a blood
frenzy she couldnt stop killing. Suddenly she screamed
"Raa'KtnoK I have come to get you. You will pay for my fathers death and
the death of thousands of orcs"
"You will never win this battle stupid powers are bigger then
anyone elses"Raa'KtnoK responded
"Iksha the wolf riders are coming to us" Thurg yelled. "What? What are
they doing?" thought she.
"What are you doing? You should attack the other camp!" Iksha told
"We did but suddenly they all left so we joined you"Hag'losh responded.
After an hour of battle there were many corps and many loses on both
The only way to win the battle for Iksha was to kill Raa'KtnoK. "But to
kill such a powerfull warlock? How can i do it?" she was thinking
"Use the axe my child! It is a powerful weapon that can kill everything
if you have a good cause and believe in us"
She looked up to her axe covered with blood of the orcs and there was
the face of her father. "Thank you father.
Har'Gham,Narand,Hag'losh,Thurg , help me get to Raa'KnotK now!"
They started making a way through the massive army to the fearsome
warlock. As they moved forward Iksha jumped over them and started cut a
way through the orc masses like a knife through butter.

As she got to the warlock...."You are strong but not strong enough" said
the warlock .
"I need only to be so strong to defeat you and stop this massacker" As
they started fighting they didn't noticed anyone except their enemy.
The warlock started casting shadowbolts on her injuring her badly. She
felt....The Warlock came near her and as he got ready for the finale
"You will now perish like your father before you Iksha Se'aghor
muahahah" She managed with her left strength to pull up the axe and hit
the warlock...
"You cant kill me with a normal weapon I have a power shield hahahaha!"
on which Iksha smiled "This isn't a normal weapon it contains the souls
of my
ancestors!" as she said that on the Blood Axe of Chaos started to grow
spikes and the axe itself started to grow passing trough the Power
Shield of the
Warlock. "How did you do it? Thats unpossible" Raa'Ktnok changed the
look on his face from convinced to scared. He never thought that this
would happen...
"Little girl your still to weak to break my power shield...what
the...." as he turned around Thurg and Har'Gham started to attack him.
The shield started to lose his power. "Maybe a little girl cant destroy
your shield alone but with some help I WILL UNITE THE ORCS!!!" the Axe
passed through the shield and the warlock's head rolled.
As the head of the warlock rolled the fight stopped... Thurg got to
Iksha "We did it, I knew you can defeat him" Iksha "I couldn't done it
without some help" Iksha lost her conscious....
"Mothrun huh? I had the strangest dream...I had to fight a war..."
Mothrun " Child that wasn't a dream you were unconscious for 2 days,
but your wounds are healed all and you could now return to your throne"
"What happened to the rest of them" Iksha asked "Everyone returned home
and awaits your order, except Thurg. He is still here"
Iksha jumped out of the bad and ran directly in to the arms of Thurg....
"Iksha you are saved...I am so glad" Iksha interrupt him "Shhh.. now its
all over..."
"So a mighty hero like you Iksha sure has someone chosen to rule with
Iksha "Hihihi....well that is my least worry...."

Written by Srdjan Solkotovic(Shole,Solecompanysole)

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Clan Wars: Story of Iksha Empty Re: Clan Wars: Story of Iksha

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That was fun to read! Nice job!
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Clan Wars: Story of Iksha Empty Re: Clan Wars: Story of Iksha

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Thank you it was made for a contest i got 8th place because i forgot to put it in a good font so it would be easier to read :S
And because of some grammar errors grin

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Clan Wars: Story of Iksha Empty Re: Clan Wars: Story of Iksha

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