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Post by undertaker on June 11th 2010, 6:00 pm

**** yeh the world cup started today! And since I haven't seen a topic
about this in the forums yet I decided to create this. So today's first
match was S.Afirca Vs Mexico which saw an impressive play by the host
team and great goal from Tshabalala but a determined Mexico didn't give
up their fight in their first match and Marques scored a great
equalizer for them. Overall both teams played well and great start to
the world cup. France VS Urugay which seems
interesting everyone seems in favor for France as they have much more
quality players but who knows what this world cup holds.

As I am a dutch national so I will be supporting Holland this World Cup
and I do think they get a strong chance of winning this year, although
there are some hardcore teams out there

What do you think about the World cup and who you think will win it?

Discuss away. Maybe this should be pinned?

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