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Post by Guest on November 25th 2009, 6:42 pm

It began by a shallow ocean blue pond among a few old pines and oaks. Sitting watching the water flow,
listening to the birds singing, frogs chirping, and several bees
buzzing was a woman lying on a blue and yellow blanket. A picnic basket
now with only empty bags and wrappers lied beside her. She was a short
woman with long curly black hair, wooden brown eyes, and wore a dress
same color as the water that reached down to her black shoes. She was
very young looking for being a person of thirty one years. She gazed
upon the sun setting off to the west surrounded by a sky filled with
countless shades of brilliant pinks, reds, oranges, and indigos.

Her name was Lina Mercedes, a native to Quito, married for seven years to Francisco Mercedes,

also a native to Quito. Her husband was currently working as an
executive over at a public local bank that had been rebuilt two years
earlier after the previous building had been destroyed when a public
bus crashed into the building and caused it to collapse several
years earlier. She, Lina, worked over at a nearby hospital as a nurse,
an occupation that she as a young child always wanted to have.

With the possible and fortunate exception of mass-plastic recycling, the world had made almost

no visible technological advances since the early 21st century. This
was due to many problems, including things like wars, gas prices,
natural disasters, and so forth that occurred at the turn of the 20th
century. Developing countries saw this time as an opportunity to
catch up, provided they weren't facing such common issues as well, rarely being the case.

"Why can't we humans ever get along for once?" she had often asked Ana and Mary, her two closest friends.
The only answer that left their mouths was always, "Don't ask me!"

While lying down on the blanket, her head was filling up with thoughts. She was remembering many things
she heard and read about the abnormal phenomena occurring currently in
the United States. The world was changing there, though many did not
it on global warming. Las Vegas, for example, was no longer surrounded
by desert, but by coniferous forests. Anchorage was now known well for
cacti that grew throughout the city. While pines were flourishing in
Nevada, They were dying out in and around Seattle and throughout the
being replaced by bayou trees. The state of Washington, once called the
"Evergreen State" was now called the "Bayou Northwest". But the most
abnormal of occurrences happened in and around the city of Nashville,
Tennessee. With a population of over four-and-a-half million people in
both town and in the suburbs, it, along with Atlanta, Memphis, and
Miami, was among the most important trading cities of the south and
grew into
a prize port along the Cumberland river, dangerously close to one enemy
of the United States and growing world-power, Olvusulthia.

Among such occurrences in Nashville was the fact that though once being in a temperate zone area, it
was now warming up to that of a tropical-like zone. Light would
randomly flash through the ground on any day, sometimes frightening
people who
believed that the local foliage was radioactive, even though it wasn't.
Upon leaving the city however, the temperature at a certain point,
adjust itself to the normal temperature of the time of year often
making ones body adjust to the sudden change in temperature. Some
called Nashville, "Nashiami", a cross between the names of the cities, Nashville and Miami.

The city's weather was also very unpredictable, having completely clear weather one day but then receiving
a torrential downpour the next. Many people also thought that they
could on occasion see wormholes open above the city skyline during the
night hours,
particularly over the tallest building in the city more than eighty
stories tall that stuck out the city's core like a tree in a desert.
Many blamed
the city's unnatural phenomena to be caused by Olvusulthia, also the
Earth's youngest, only underground nation, home to the world's most
technology, military forces, education, healthcare, resource
production, and manufacturing. It was a highly experimental country
directly beneath Nashville.

Ten years earlier, the Olvusulthian leader, Jreksiveri'i had transformed Olvusulthia into a separate country from
the U.S. Before then, Olvusulthia was the first and so far, only
successful underground settlement. On December 9, 2034, Olvusulthia
declared their
independence from the United States to form their own country.
Olvusulthia is the name they gave, derived from their language.
Olvusulthian, the language,
was a major combination of many of the world's major languages. They
fought a five year war against the U.S was highly similar to the
Revolutionary War of 1775.

In the end, the U.S spent trillions of dollars on a lost war shifting
the country into a worse state of bankruptcy than what Iraq had made it

The victorious Olvusulthians had since been conducting thousands of successful experiments and made countless of
technological achievements, including military achievements,
educational achievements, and medical achievements. With a money-free,
pollution-free environment
complemented with a wide variety of vegetation, perfect temperatures
year-round, the world's best trained army, best scientists, best
teachers, and most medical workers,
Olvusulthia was easily more than five hundred years ahead of its time
in every field imaginable. Something which David A. Nale, President of
the United States, was most envious of.

Olvusulthia was actually a huge
underground city that could simulate day and night, besides its great
climate, typically between 75-85
degrees Fahrenheit in the summertime, 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit in the
winter and 70-80 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring and autumn. It was a
utopia that one couldn't
just enter with a passport because there were no passports to
Olvusulthia. To enter, one must have permission directly received from
and signed by Pordenta Jreksiveri'i
himself, as he was known to the whole world as. Olvusulthia was crowded
with buildings, many of which towered even more than one hundred
stories over the cave floor.
The bustling city's population had recently peaked over five hundred
million of the Earth's ten billion people, and the number of invited
people was increasing rapidly.

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Almost Olvusulthia seems like Ravenia from Pendragon!

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Thats cool though..

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