How to add "gloss" in GIMP

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How to add "gloss" in GIMP

Post by Amber on May 18th 2010, 8:25 pm

In this tutorial you will learn how to add "gloss" to an image on GIMP with step-by-step instructions and a picture guide for extra help. Any questions can be asked by comment. Enjoy :)For this tutorial I am using a 200x200px image.Gloss is basically an effect you can put on an image to make it look better, an example being the image above. This will also be the result image for this tutorial.
First, open up GIMP, or download it if you have not already and wish to. Wait for it to open, as it may take a few minutes. Then open up a new image - it can be any size or anything. Even it can be an image you already created.

Once you've done that, in the top navigation menu scroll over "Layer" then in the layer tab click "new layer".

Then a window should pop up, looking something like this. Put the layer name as anything you want, keep the image width and height as the automatically come up, and set the "layer fill type" as transparency.

Next, select either the ecllpse or the rectangle tool in the sidebar. That will be the shape of your gloss. It does not matter which you choose - you follow the same steps for both. For this example I will be using the ellipse tool.

After you've clicked on either the ellipse tool or the rectangle tool click on your image, and drag the tool over it - that's where your gloss will be.
Next, select the "fill" tool. Change your main color to white.
next, click on the space you made with the ellipse tool. It should turn white.

Next, if it isn't already open, go to the navigation menu at the top, Windows, dockable dialogs, layers.

Then adjust the opacity to what you think looks appealing. In the example I have it set to 30.00.
With a finished product of:

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