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Post by nic0le on March 13th 2010, 7:48 am

We would like to invite you to one of the fastest growing forums and online communities on the internet today.
Our forum is just over one year old and has grown from a handful of members in early 2009 to just over 1300 as of this past January.

Not only is our forum registration completely free, but it features an extensive discussion format, 3 massive live chat rooms designed for ease of interaction between members to talk about everything and anything, personal profile pages that you can customize, an arcade, our very own Facebook page and so much more.

We are also very pleased to say that all of our features and forum are absolutely advertisement free with no spam posts or links ever. Not many forums can boast that, but we can.

Some forums and chat rooms disappear or disolve into dissapointing content and lack activity, but our chat and forum community is directed by you, the community and the people that make it a fantastic place to gather to talk about the worlds events right down to more minor topics such as what you had for lunch. Theres nothing like getting a good laugh in during the day or evening when you are online when you visit.

Join our forum and chat board today and make your online experience something fun and enjoyable instead of something drab and boring.

There is only one.

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