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Post by Elli on May 22nd 2010, 8:37 am

RPG-Directory Sesojo
is the meeting place for RPG admins and RPG fans! We have
a large
directory so you can advertise and find RPGs. Any type of RPG is
hosted by any type of forum hosting. But of course, non-forum
and non-rpg boards are welcome as well. We have many other services

besides advertising and an awesome open-minded community where you’ll
right at home! See for yourself what more we have to offer!


  • A complete Directory for listing your own RPG or to find an RPG to join
    up with.
  • The ability to advertise your non-forum RPG or non-RPG
    board as well.
  • Discuss forum management, roleplaying, find staff
    members, request RPGs, affiliate and get your board reviewed.
  • A
    skindex: skins made by our own members, from roleplayers for
    roleplayers. Not only for Invisionfree, but also other forum softwares.

  • Documentations about creating boards, managing them, roleplaying and
    coding, currently holding 120+ documentations.
  • (RP)Writing
    Showcase, to get feedback on your plots, characters and to showcase your
    writing abilities.
  • Showcase your talents in graphics, writing
    and much more.
  • Play-by icons.
  • Graphics, Writing and
    Support (skins/docs) challenges.
  • RPG-D Lounging with a Poll
    Lobby, Rant Time, Rhapsodize and Game Hour forums.
  • Community
    Whispers to talk about various subjects, from debates to life, school,
    amusement, movies, games and much more.
  • .com address for easily
    finding us.
  • A community that will last - RPG-D is nearing its
    fifth anniversary!

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